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New types of Ceramic Tile Flooring in The International Market

Guangdong is the birthplace of Chinese ceramic tiles. Annual output accounts for more than 50% of national output, and the main production base in Foshan, the others are in Heyuan, Zhaoqing, Qingyuan and other areas.
Foshan ceramics, top ten ceramic tile china in terms of production scale, technology level, business management or product support and other ways, in the major producing areas are first-rate, leading the Chinese Ceramic trend.
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In the current era of constantly innovating and changing, people decorative tiles have become increasingly demanding, forcing tile manufacturers to accelerate the pace of new product development, and constantly introduce new products to meet the different needs of consumers. In recent years, appeared on the market in the international tile five trends.
Type one: luxuriant type The extensive use of heavy tile colors, such as gold and black, bright green and purple, each tile patterns and colors has different surprises, a popular pursuit of individual architects and consumers.
Type two: nostalgia conservative
Crystal porcelain tile in beige and light blue tone-based, designed to tend to thirteen, fourteen century church pattern, the European court retro clothing patterns and other portraits of ancient Greece, from composition to color are decent, buy Customers are mostly middle-class conservative character, they figure is seeking regulatory dance moments, not deviant.
Type three: lively aggressive This tile is very focused contemporary, pattern to wrinkle wove main colors used wine red, dark green and dark blue, etc., in particularly uneven lines of the design, the color can be adjusted to the interior light, which can produce very strong three-dimensional. Therefore, pay attention to freshness won two, three-year-old young man's favor.
Type four: gentle female pattern This tile mostly soft blue, pink tone, pattern with flowers on a series of costume feather pattern, absolutely feminine, highly mature women, especially middle-aged women of all ages.
Type five: young executive type This tile design more engaging, pink or pastel shades tend paler series, books heavier taste, not too eye-catching, in line with more than 30 year-old young identity management. Dongpeng Company promises to "offering consumers barrier-free sunshin service", and nearly a thousand of exclusive selling shops and complete service network have spread the whole country in order to provide consumers with all-sided product service and decoration solving .Dongpeng Ceramic has been developing the service promise of "Sunshine Angel",implementing the concept of "Five Star Service Stateion", which is to be established on the basis of "efficiency","professionalism","wholeness","convenience"as well as "accuracy", create more values for clients and add more fresh colors to people's life.