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Notes for Porcelain Tile Selection


Porcelain tiles are widely used in home decoration Porcelain tile is quite extensive used in home decoration, wall porcelain tiles, floor porcelain tiles in the kitchen and the living room, the hallway floor porcelain tiles, these are the most important applications. Of course, some families pave floor porcelain tiles in the bedroom. The application of these porcelain tiles is not difficult to see the large effect of crystal porcelain tile on decoration. Porcelain tile materials, colors, and specifications has a great impact on paving effect, so in order to have good porcelain tile paving results, we will certainly have to pay special attention at the choice of porcelain tiles.

1. See the packaging Generally porcelain tiles are packed in cartons, and the package should be printed with the production name, product name, trademark specifications size class, color number, etc. Some also printed with the identification of the ISO9001 quality system certification, and product certification should be placed within the box. When buy porcelain tiles, be sure to pick the products with complete, clear identification, and in particular, to pay attention whether the selected porcelain tiles are the same as the specifications and the color number identified on the box.

2. View the appearance Checks a few pieces of porcelain tiles in the box, see whether the surface of the product has the following defects: lack of glaze, spots, crack, bump, glaze bubbles, peeling edge, corrugated, and so on. Generally view 3M way from the porcelain, if the defect is not obvious, it does not affect the use and are qualified products supplied by realiable porcelain tile manufacturer. Each porcelain tile back has product trademarks, the anti-bonding adhesion glaze and other obvious traces impact the effects are not allowed in the side and back.

Crystal Porcelain Tile

3. See dimensions Test one by one, the products whose size error is greater than 0.5MM, flatness is greater than 0.1MM will not only increase the difficulty of construction, and effects are poor after renovation, which cannot be used in the project.

4. See chromatic aberration Due to the large number of porcelain tiles once purchased, if any obvious color, the decoration effect will be impacted, make sampling comparison among all packaged products, to observe the change of the color difference, large color cannot be chosen. It should also be noted whether the color of each box of tiles are the same and whether there is color difference.

5. Listening to the sound To distinguish intrinsic quality of porcelain tiles cannot be seen by watching, but you can use tap approach, to distinguish by the sound. The method: Hold up a porcelain tile in both hands, gently tapping another porcelain tile surface by the corner of a porcelain tile, it is good if the voice is sonorous, which is burnt well; if the sound is dull, the porcelain tile is poor, it means there is heavy leather or crack phenomenon in the porcelain tile.