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Polished Porcelain Tile – The King of Ceramic Tile Flooring


Polished porcelain tile is a type of bright tile that made by burnishing/polishing the full-body tile surface, belonging to full-body tiles. Compared to full-body tile, polished tile surface is much smoother and brighter. Polished tile is hard, wear-resistant, and suitable for using in indoor spaces except the bathroom and kitchen. Based on the stain bleeding technique, polished ceramic floor tile can be produced to various types of imitating stone, and imitating wood effect. Polished tile is easy to get dirty, without good non-skid property.

(1) The characteristics of polished tiles:
First, no radioactive elements: natural stone is a mineral, without high temperature sintering so that it contains individual radioactive elements, which will be harmful to the human body if contacting with it for long time. Polished ceramic tile flooring does not cause harm to the human body;
Second, basically the color different of polished tiles can be controlled: because of different diagenesis time and rock stratum depth, natural stones have large color difference between each other. Polished tiles are elaborately mixed. Thus products of the same group have the same design and colour, basically without color difference;
Thirdly, high bending strength: because of natural formation and the difference of time of becoming useful material and weathering, natural stones have different density and intensity; polished tiles are pressed by hydraulic machines of thousands tons, and then high sintered by above 1200° c, with high strength;
Forth, polished tiles are thin, and light: due to the low intensity, natural stones processing thickness is large so that they increase the load of floors building, forming a potential threat. Besides, natural stones cost has risen, and increased difficulty of transport and paving.
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(2) Disadvantages of polished tiles:
Polished ceramic floor tiles have a fatal disadvantage that they are easy to get dirty. That was left by pores when the tiles are being polished. These pores will hide dirt. Even some tea drop on the polished tile can ruin everything. Maybe the tile industry is aware of this, and then some high quality polished tiles are added a layer of antifouling layer before delivery.

(3) How to maintain the polished ceramic tile flooring:
1. Regularly clean surface and ordinary dirt by neutral clean agent, and no highly acidic clean agent can be used, such as toilet cleaner, which has an immediate effect, but at the same time also burn out the crystal surface, expanding pores. Then from the second day, the polished tiles begin to become increasingly black.
2. Neutral crystal agent for crystal faces care.
3. Special stains, such as tea stains, fruit stains, coffee stains and ink smudge can be cleaned by high purity H2O2 of above 27.5% content, combined with tissue soaking for more than 2-3 hours. is specializing in making ceramic floor tile and ceramic wall tile, industrial tiles and sanitary wares is one of the specialized ceramic manufactures that enjoy largest production scales, complete product specifications and good reputation.