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Road to Revive of Ceramic Industry Originates from Innovation


Since from January this year, Foshan has started to create innovation-oriented city, and all walks of industries have gradually set off an "innovation movement" boom. Recently, Dongpeng Ceramic has released innovative products - Imperial jade and Amazon brick, which are hailed as major breakthroughs in material science in this industry. When accepting an press interview from Information Times, He Xinming, Chairman of Guangdong Dongpeng Holding CO., LTD said that Foshan has ushered in a new round of innovation boom, and the industrial revival stems from innovation. He also called on the Government to increase its efforts on the protection of intellectual property rights. Furthermore, in his view, the next decade is the brand adjusting year of ceramic industry, while 2013 is a new beginning year of industry reshuffle.

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Reporter recently learned from Dongpeng Ceramic, after Dongpeng world-class experts on porcelain tiles and research team led by postdoctoral workstation have developed for three years, products of Imperial jade and Amazon brick, which have a great break-through from manufacturing processes to materials science, have been synchronously launched to ceramic consumption market all over the world. The products were designed by Carlo Beltramelli, former Chairman of Italy Designer Association, Ennew, Italy renowned product designer as well as Dongpeng industrial design centre together. After three years, they have made a comprehensive breakthrough from material formulation, manufacturing process, and product design, conquering the world challenge. Imperial jade, in 2013, has been officially in volume production on Amazon.

According to information, currently world ceramic floor tile industry is facing with a challenge how tiles can breakthrough both transparency and hardness Both Imperial jade and Amazon Brick these two products published by Dongpeng challenge the problem that it is difficult to five consideration to "hardness" and "transparency" for world tiles. Research personnel have done research analysis on jade chemical components. With thousands of repeatedly development, they have developed a kind of ceramic materials as "world first formula" in this industry, achieving the bold challenge and spanning to tiles original standard. To fully meet the special production requirements of Imperial jade and Amazon products, Dongpeng has input several times in excess of the industry average capital, investing 500 million Yuan building the world's first cloud computing production base in Qingyuan for intelligent production.

"The new release came from inspiration to emerald elements of the creating team. By the principle of jade, high imitation stone lines, superior stone grain technology, they developed a 'Imperial jade' and 'Amazon' these two porcelain jade products. Their common advantages are transparency and wear resistant, breaking the problem of 'hardness' and 'transparency' and wear resistant in world ceramic tile factory industry." He Xinming believes that two breakthrough products are new embodiment of Dongpeng scientific research results and breakthrough of ceramic materials science. They will probably change the industry product pattern. specializes in making ceramic floor tile and ceramic wall tile, industrial tiles and sanitary wares is one of the specialized ceramic manufactures that enjoy largest production scales, complete product specifications and good reputation.