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Some Tips in Cleaning Your Ceramic Tile

Many people have ceramic tiles in dining room, sitting room, kitchen and bathroom. Places like sitting room or bedroom in which we usually have a rest on the sofa or have some tea around the table, are easier for you to do the cleaning than in the kitchen and bathroom. But everything will not always go well and we cannot avoid some unexpected accidents. For example, if you are a four-year-old child's mother, when you are busy with your housework in the kitchen, your son broke the glass filled with juice and the orange liquid has spilled over the ceramic tile floor. Some qualified companies like best porcelain tile manufacturer in china whose tiles' surface is very smooth and the child is easy to slip on the ground in this situation. How to do the cleaning efficiently?

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First, you can use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to scrub the floor. Sweep up the dust left after scrubbing. And you should mop the floor with water and a splash of vinegar. Use the natural products to clean a ceramic tile floor that will not be harmful to kids or pets.

Second, the products from good ceramic wall and floor tile manufacturing are both permanent and durable, giving you a strong surface that will last a lifetime. Ceramic tile is virtually maintenance free, but it does require cleaning just as any other household surface. To keep ceramic tile looking its best, clean it regularly with tools and cleaners safe for the tile. You can sweep the ceramic tile at least once per week with a rag, broom or vacuum cleaner. This removes all of the loose crumbs and grit from the tile. Using cleaning rags works well on ceramic tile walls, countertops and backsplashes.

Third, if the ceramic tile has more stubborn stains, scrub with the nylon scrubbing pad or scrub bush. Use a household cleanser at full strength to scrub the tile. After you use these chemicals on the tiles, use a damp mop with clean water to mop the floor again.

Last tip, for routine cleaning of the ceramic tiles, dampen a mop with clean water and mop over the tile floor. You also can put two gallons of clean water in a bucket, and add one cup of rubbing alcohol to it. Mop the floor with this mixture. You also can mop the floor with a household cleaner such as Lysol diluted in water. Avoid using cleaners that contain bleach, as it may discolor the grout.