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Some Tips on Decorating the Bathroom Tile


A common element that is overlooked in bathroom color and design is the grout used for the tiles. You can go in several directions when selecting the grout for your bathroom. If you want to add a bit of contrast, you can use your grout as an accent color. If you want a more seamless look, try to find a grout that will complement the tiles you've selected for your bathroom.

Once you've finished setting the tiles in your bathroom, you're basically stuck with the colors you've chosen unless you plan on completely changing the tiles in the future, for example, change for unglazed porcelain tile. If you are looking for alternative methods to change the color scheme of your bathroom without going through the difficult task of a full bathroom remodel, here is some bathroom decorating advice. (1) Fabrics: Bath towels, sink towels, shower curtains and window treatments can be used to add new colors to your bathroom without changing the tiles you've selected. (2) Décor: Decorative items strategically placed around your bathroom, like on countertops or on a door, can give your bathroom a new look and feel. (3) Paint: If you only have tiles on your floor or countertop, you can paint your walls or bathroom door to create various color schemes. (4) Rugs: Try using a bathroom rug as an accent. If you've grown bored of your tile flooring, use large rugs, or multiple rugs to cover as much tile space as possible.

There are different ways to use tiles in your bathroom on a tight budget. If you can't afford to recreate an entire section of your bathroom, choose a small area to add new tiles to. You can give a plain wall of white tiles a new look by creating accent lines or borders with different colored tiles.