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Striking A Stage Pose On America Coverings, Dongpeng Leading Global Ceramic Tiles Fashion


                                                               The 25th Coverings
On April 29th, the 25th America Las Vegas Stone Fair and Exhibition of Ceramic Tile Coverings 2014 (hereinafter referred to as the Coverings) was held grandly, various enterprises in line of ceramic tiles and stone from all over the world gathered here together, making a strong competition.

Famous for the China leading ceramic tiles brand, Dongpeng (Dongpeng holdings 03386.HK) took active part in it once more, striking a shining stage pose on booth L2056. Dongpeng’s competitive products hole stone series is well received by many international businessmen who are surprised by the product of breakthrough workmanship. What’s more, one stone buyers even made a mistake on taking the ceramic tiles  “Amazon Hole Stone” as stone, which became the funny story widely spreaded in the exhibition.

                           Dongpeng booth well visited on the America Coverings

Grasping the international market trend successfully
Coverings, as the biggest stone and ceramic tiles professional international trade fair in America, now was hosted in Orlando, Atlanta, and Las Vegas in turn, so as to making a larger difference on the whole American market. In 2014, it was moved to the western America Las Vegas, having a strong impact on the America Midwest.

It was known that Dongpeng was on the booth L2056, with an area of over 70 square meters and a number of imitation stone ceramic tiles, main namely Amazon hole stone, World hole stone, Fortune hole stone; imitation wood grain ceramic tiles like Elm, Teak and Athens Wood, and the fashion carpet ceramic tiles, seizing the fashion trend of the recent international market, attracting lots of buyers and receiving many orders.

It was reported by the Dongpeng International Trade Department that , Amazon hole stone, World hole stone and carpet ceramic tiles are the most popular product on the fair. A large number of buyers visited Dongpeng, the booth of 70 square meters is extraordinarily lively.

                                             International Buyers Made Orders

Stone? Ceramic tiles? Hard to differentiate.
There was one funny story on the Dongpeng booth, that is, Dongpeng ceramic tiles “Amazon hole stone”, was regarded as the real stone by one stone buyers.

"It was the first time that such funny thing happened to us, maybe our ceramic tiles are much similar to the real stone.” One of Dongpeng colleagues was impressed by that buyer, “ Gray hair, he is a little fat, when looking at our booth, shining eyes and pointing at our Amazon hole stone, screaming 'Stone!’ I was scrared at that time”.

When the colleague introduced our new product Amazon hole stone, the buyer still seemed to hard to believe that, thinking Chinese girl like kidding. While after he read the information about the product, the buyer only made sure that is ceramic, not stone.

It was understood that this “Amazon hole stone” being mistakenly regarded is the newest product of Dongpeng, the inspiration is from the Amazon river’s stone, adopting its natural grain and hole scoured by the water. Meanwhile, using the unique lon ledging technology and pregnant melting II technology, making the clear, stereo, smooth stone effect of imitation Amazon river, which is so similar that seems real.

One Foreign Buyer Being Interested In Amazon stone product

Obama ,Putin both using Dongpeng product
More than one times, Dongpeng product is very popular on the international exhibition. In the past Coverings fair, Dongpeng is always the shining star of China exhibitors, being an out-standing leading attracting buyers and orders. In particular, in the Bologna fair last year, Dongpeng showed its extraordinary talents, with creative new product, amazing many buyers with a single brilliant feat in their first exhibition, winning the respect from the international ceramic tiles world.

With a fast development in recent years, Dongpeng’s international step is at a high speed. It is known that Dongpengs high end product is widely used in the landmarks building throughout the world, such as The United States the Empire State Building in New York, the Middle East REEM, Mexico New Airport, National Grand Theatre, Shenzhen happiness.

In addition, there are a quantities of famous people using Dongpeng Product, namely US President barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin, actor Tom Cruise, the former NBA star Yao Ming