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The 205th Edition of Dongpeng's Quotations

Dongpeng's new VI can show its main business of its brand more distinctly as well as the professional of Dongpeng's ceramic tile brand. It is more suitable for loading of the connotation of Dongpeng's brand.
--Said by Dongpeng's Vice General Manager, Mr. Chen Xiaobo on the new VI conference press. He illustrated the meaning of the new VI from the content, letter style and standard color.

The aim of the modern decoration is to bring "beauty" for people's lives. The culture meaning to Dongpeng's brand focus on the expression of "beauty" goes to the essence of modern decoration.

The technology advantages show the beauty of R&D; the innovation advantages realize the beauty of Dongpeng's product; the application advantages give Dongpeng the beauty of application; the international influence exhibits the world beauty of Dongpeng's ceramic tiles.
--Said by Mr. Chen Xiaobo on the conference press on the four advantages of new ads words of "Dongpeng Ceramic Tile, the Beauty of the World".

The strategic orientation of Dongpeng's band is a global professional brand of ceramic tile.
--Said by Mr. Chen Xiaobo on the conference press.

This is a perfect and historic moment.
--The writter, Mr. An wenjiang, pointed out on the new VI conference press that Dongpeng was born in disaster, and it soared in crisis and then walk to the world. It all depends on this great Dongpeng spirit. He believes that with a heart of "world's beauty", Dongpeng will make its devotion for creating a beautiful world.

The lack of the economical development can not be the excuse for Dongpeng any more; Dongpeng can do very well at any districts in China.
--The Chairman of the board, Mr. He Xinming pointed out on the Ji'an meeting that, Dongpeng's brand, products and price are also suit for the tertiary and forth markets. Ji'an Dongpeng's successful experiences, which they heavy the input and establishment of the exhibition halls, supporting the development of the distributors with generous concept, impoving the products' value with its service, set a good example for us.

Products need diversity and variety just like a military, which help it to exert the advantages to the most.
--Said by Mr. Cai Cuyang, the general manager of Dongpeng Sanitary Ware, on the spring training class of "2010 Terminal Marketing Exporters". He pointed that Dongpeng needs different products with different style, price, value, function, and quality to orient its different markets and customers.