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The Comparisons of Unglazed and Glazed Porcelain Tiles

Glazed porcelain tile is admired for its glossy, beauty and durability. Since the 1990s a variety of modern glazed porcelain tile technologies, including methods to take used glass and recreate it as "green" tiles has resulted in a resurgence of interest in porcelain glazed tiles as a floor and wall cladding.

Glazed porcelain tiles are much harder and more wear and damage resistant than non-porcelain ceramic tiles, making them suitable for any application from light traffic to the heaviest residential and light commercial traffic. The glazed porcelain tile is also good for kitchen counter tops, bathrooms and other areas where scratch, stain and water resistance is a must. Porcelain tiles glazed is also easy to clean--usually a damp mop is sufficient.
Whether unglazed porcelain tile or glazed porcelain tile, they are all a tile that is generally made by the dust pressed method from porcelain clays which result in a tile that is dense, impervious, fine grained and smooth, with a sharply formed face. unglazed porcelain tiles

Unglazed porcelain tile carries the color and pattern through the entire thickness of the tile, making them virtually impervious to wear and are suitable for any application from residential to the highest commercial or industrial applications. Unglazed porcelain tiles are similar to glazed ones except that their surface is uncoated. This type of ceramic tile is compact, hard, and dense. Its homogenous composition is inherited from the texture and color of the material used for manufacturing. The method of cooking the clay is another factor for its appearance. The top and bottom color and texture of unglazed tiles are the same. The good thing about unglazed ceramic floor tiles is the fact that it doesn't show the normal wear and deterioration from foot traffic and use. They are very suitable for commercial and industrial purposes, although some homes use this surface for laundry areas and utility rooms. Some suppliers also offer non-slip profiles for unglazed floor tiles.

Generally speaking, glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles each have their advantages and disadvantages, but in both cases, their disadvantages can be overcome. While unglazed tiles are less stain resistant than their "rivals," this disadvantage can be overcome by the application of a good sealant. Glazed ceramic tiles have the disadvantage of being more slippery when wet than unglazed, but this can be largely overcome by purchasing textured surface tiles. We professionally wholesale porcelain tiles. Dongpeng guaranteed our porcelain floor tile at a competitive price and high quality. At present, our porcelain tile has a very good sale in domestic and overseas market. We wish to cooperate with you to create a bright future and mutual benefit.