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The Development of Tiles

There is a long history of using tiles. They first appeared in the chamber of ancient Egyptian pyramids, and they were associated with the bath together. In Islamic countries, tiles painted with flowers and plants. In medieval England, people floor tiles of different colors geometric brick in the churches and monasteries.

Tiles can be hand-made or they can be industrially manufactured. Ceramic tiles are made from clay that is produced through baking. We can use it to floor the ground and we always called them ceramic floor tile. Before it has been baked, it is usually formed into a certain shape, glazed with coating color and textured for strength. marble floor tiles There are also some decorative ceramic tile. Tile birthplace is Europe, it was particularly worth mentioning that an exhibition "Italian household products new style" which was held in the Modern Art Museum in the United States establishment the global status of Italian home design's. Italian designers integrate the individuals' needs into the tile design, coupled with detail, which provide nuanced feelings to house owners. It should be pointed out that each ceramic tile production company uses its on recipes for the creation of the clay used in the development of ceramic tiles. Clay is usually mixed with feldspar, quartz and sand. This clay is then made more pliable through the addition of water.

In Spain, there is a representative tile design. Spanish tiles are popular with customers, which are generally with colors, rich textures, and varied. At present, the Spanish tiles still dominate the traditional classical type in import. In the 21st century, the tiles start to develop in the material, shape, color, surface gentrification. is located in Shiwan, Foshan the renowned ceramic town of China. Sticking to the core concept of "joint effort and sincere trading", the company specializes in making ceramic floor tile and ceramic wall tile, industrial tiles is one of the specialized ceramic manufactures that enjoys largest production scales, complete product specification and good reputation.