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The History of Ceramic Tile Flooring

The history of tiles should be traced back to BC when the Egyptians began to use various types of tiles to decorate the house. People will bricks dried in the sun or by baking method to dry, and then use copper extracted from the blue glaze for color. In the Islamic period, all tile decorating method in Persia reached its peak. Subsequently, the use of increasingly popular worldwide tile, the tile in the historical process, the Spanish and Portuguese mosaics, Italian Renaissance tiles, glazed tiles in Antwerp, the Netherlands and the German Development tile illustration tiles have a milestone.
Mesopotamia region also found the tiles.

These ceramic floor tiles in blue and white stripes to achieve decorative purposes, then there are more kinds of styles and colors. Chinese ceramic art center, during the period of early supplier Yin produce fine white stoneware. Today, worldwide, is the use of automated production technology, the human hand is only used to operate the equipment. As in the past, both indoor and outdoor use tiles for decoration. Stone flooring has been in use for millennia. In ancient tiles are handmade. That is, each one is hand molded tiles, hand colored, so each one is a unique work of art tiles.
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Today, stone floors create a feeling of luxury. They can create of mood of great formality or relaxed informality, depending on the type of stone. Generally, marble floors are the most formal and flagstone floors are the most informal. The natural variation in color and pattern make stone floor tiles very beautiful, and they are very durable as well. Ceramic tile flooring is made from clay fired in a kiln. Then a colored glaze is added, and the tile is fired again, making the colors very vivid. Ceramic tile can be slippery, so they are usually treated with an abrasive if they are to be used as floor tiles. Unglazed ceramic tiles, called quarry tiles, are also available. They stain easily, so they should be sealed for use as flooring.

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