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The Methods of Ceramic Floor Tile Maintenance and Cleaning

First, ceramic tile can be used daily cleaning detergent, soap and other cleaning. Second, with a little soap and a mixture of ammonia and turpentine to clean tiles can make them glossier. Third, the tiles should be periodically waxing, the cleaning time interval of 2-3 months is appropriate. Fourth, if the ceramic floor tile has scratches, scratches can be renovated using a dry cloth with toothpaste. Fifth, the dirt between tiles’ gaps may be clean with decontamination cream, then brush a layer of waterproofing agents in the gap, can prevent mold growth. Sixth, tea, coffee, beer, ice cream, oil and other pollutants using sodium hydroxide or potassium bicarbonate solution. Seventh, ink, cement and other pollutants as hydrochloric acid, dilute nitric acid solution.
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Eigth, paints, coatings and other pollutants should use special cleaning agents to clean up. Ninth, rust can be 2% oxalic acid solution, washed eliminate, and then wipe with water. 3-4 capsules with vitamin C tablets crushed into powder, sprinkle the surface of the tile, and then scrub with water several times, but also remove rust stains. If so rust stains 10% of oxalic acid, citric acid plus water mixture will stick rust at the wet, and then wipe again with brine, you can. If fresh lemon, squeeze the juice can drip in the hand rub on the rust stains, repeated several times, until the removal of rust stains, then wash with soapy water. Tenth, all kinds of plastic can get rid of banana water, pure water is colorless and transparent banana volatile liquid with a thick banana odor, slightly soluble in water, soluble in various organic solvents, flammable, mainly used for spray painting solvents and thinners. Eleventh, it is recommended to use tiles, the same should be carefully maintained. When cleaning be neutral detergent, and glazed tile surface without pores, not waxing routine maintenance to avoid slippery tile.
Note: High quality ceramic tiles with a cloth and clean water can be. A decorative ceramic tile is a brittle material, to prevent the bump hard objects to avoid damage to the surface; First,the timely removal of adhering to the brick construction cement, mortar and other foreign matter, always keep the brick clean.
Second,the brick paving applied in other jobs when completed, will be the product surface to be cleaned, you cannot leave sand, dirt and other surface damage caused by the material, while the brick stamped with a protective layer (such as thick paper leather or sheet).
Third, non-polished surface of the product with acid and alkali treatment and liquid cleaning.
Fourth, stains penetrate everyday use should be promptly removed, For stubborn stains professional cleaning agent required to prevent damage to the tile surface hard objects; daily cleaning brick, brick Regular professional maintenance to ensure that as new.
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