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The Perfect Combination of Crystal and Porcelain Tile


Fashion is just a cycle of recirculation. After the modern contracted bare makeup and the wave of naturalism, today's ceramic fashion concept will not rigidly adhere to that the simplicity is elegant, or natural is the best. New trend of the ceramic is brilliant like crystal. Many tile brands at home and abroad have invariably taken crystallite porcelain tile and crystal porcelain tile as their high-end featured products in 2012, creating luxurious but elegant "Crystal" porcelain floor tile with crystal clear surface texture and ornate noble natural stone texture.

Then, 2012 ceramic fashion started from "crystal" light.

These days, decorative ceramic tile trend is remarkable "shining", as well as a bright new luxury distinguishing itself from the other by brightness. A few days ago, it is not difficult to find in the market that those major brands have invariably launched glittering and translucent crystallite tile and crystal porcelain tiles as 2012 featured high-end products.

In Dongpeng's ceramic exhibition room, its latest series of crystal porcelain tiles make people an impression. Profound earth color scheme, elegant griege and brilliant gold and silver color tones, natural gorgeous grain, crystal clear texture, vertigo ablaze glaze, all of those have created a modest but confident new luxury style. Other crystallite ceramic tiles are also soft and moist like jade, bright as crystal. Their transparent crystallite glazed is glittering and translucent, with gloss close to 100%. Result of advanced technology, single color glazes of some crystal porcelain tiles are mixed together naturally with transparent material under certain temperature. Stone lines created effect of multiple colors osmosis and rare semitransparent texture, bringing much more transparentness and glisten.

According to Marketing Director Zheng Xuechong of Dongpeng, crystal porcelain tile design inspiration originated from ancient Chinese porcelain. Traditional porcelains have always been bright as a mirror. Now by the new crystallite craft, shining crystal and traditional ceramic are perfectly combined, making ceramic tiles with crystal-like texture and mirror-like brightness. Thanks to the advanced technology and exquisite materials, today's crystal porcelain tiles and crystallite porcelain tiles are positioned on high end market, with prices of 600 dollars to thousands of dollars per square meter, equal with imported ceramic tiles.