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Thin Ceramic Tiles Market Development


Chinese Ceramic Tiles Market Situation
Although the third quarter of 2012, the export of Chinese ceramics got steady growth, but the increase was significantly narrow, but it is expected that the export situation is still not optimistic about the next period of time. At the same time, since the second half of the year, thin tiles new increased significantly, some brands to achieve large-scale production next year is expected to usher in a blowout. Many experts and entrepreneurs think the policy put forward in the 18th Representative Meeting to promoting ecological civilization, to build a moderately prosperous society, sustainable development, and to change the mode of economic development, and other key words have a profound impact on the future development of the ceramic industry.

Thin Ceramic Tiles Achieves Large-scale Production
When thin unglazed porcelain tiles have certain markets in Europe and the United States, China's thin tiles began the bumpy road of development. From the first appearance in 2008 to after the debut in 2012, the introduction of thin tiles brand is very little. But in the second half of 2012, the situation has changed. Not only more than a dozen new sheet brands, many companies built the first sheet production bases to achieve large-scale industrial production. Due to raw materials and process innovation, thin tiles not only need less materials, lighter weight, greater hardness, and can break through the traditional tiled wall - the function for ceilings, furniture and other aspects of a wider range of applications. Senior Ceramic Industry insiders believe that the past tile manufacturers continue to make bigger and thicker tiles for the sake of highlighting the sense of luxury. But as the technology matures and the change in consumer attitudes, as well as cater to the needs of green production, glazed porcelain tile gets thinner is the trend.

Interior Wall Ceramic Tiles Future Market Trend
With the development of society, people have increasingly high quality requirements for life, especially in home renovations, a lot of people want to have a comfortable environment, home decoration and decoration material requirements are particularly stringent. Within the wall is mainly used for the decoration of the walls, and in the inner wall of the three elements of the main body is the end of the glaze layer and surface glaze layer. Generally, the higher the firing temperature, the greater the number of grams of the surface glaze, the better the light brightness of the tile, so the glaze is much smoother. Of course, the quality of the glaze also exerts a great influence. With the steady growth of the GDP, the income of ordinary people is increasing, and people began to pay attention to the rising demand for commodities decorative housing, interior wall tiles and other building materials of tiles will have broad market prospects.