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Tips for Choosing Suitable Ceramic Floor Tiles for Kitchen and Bathroom


How to buy ceramic floor tile with excellent quality and reasonable price? When selecting kitchen and bathroom tiles, there are a few basic principles to follow.

1. Determine Proper Tile Style
Choose a suitable tile design style is the very first and important step in house decoration, which plays a decisive role. The tile color and its paving way can affect the overall visual effect of the kitchen and bathroom, so decide the style first to make sure entire home decor is unified. For example, wood grain porcelain tile is also be widely used to achieved antique effect.

2. Distinguish Different Tile Category
After deciding the style of your tiles, the next step is to decide what type of tile should be used. Glazed porcelain tiles and polished porcelain tiles are mainstream tiles on the market today. Kitchen and bathroom ceramic floor tile is usually the glazed one, and the living room tile is often the polished one.

3. Select Suitable Tile Material
Kitchen and bathroom floor is always wet and slippery. In order to ensure safety and health, it is better to choose those kitchen floor tile with a rough surface, which can increase the friction and enlarge non-slip effect.

4. Choose High Quality Tile
After you determine the style, category and material of the floor tiles, the next we should consider is quality. Then how to choose high quality kitchen and bathroom tiles?
1) Looking at the surface of the tile. High quality tiles own well-distributed color and the surface is flat and clean. The tile should have good brightness, no spots and lack of glaze. The border should be complete and not be knock against.
2) Listen to the sound of the tile. Use a tile to knock another, or use other hard object to knock the tiles. If the tile sound clear and loud, it is of good quality and well-burned. If the sound is abnormal, there is often cracking inside.
3) Try to drop some water on the back of the tile and see the speed of water spreading. Generally, the slower the absorption is, the higher the density of the tile and the better its quality is.
4) Measure the side length of the tile. The higher the accuracy is, the better its quality is. Try to put a few pieces of tiles side by side and see whether their size is united. Deviation for small tile is about 1 mm, and 2 mm for big ones.

5. Rely on Famous Brands
The production technique and design styles of famous and large porcelain tile manufacturers, like dongpeng ceramic, are quite mature. Therefore, when you choose ceramic floor tiles, it is better to choose their products for they have more choices and high quality.