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Tips for the Selection of the Thickness of Ceramic Tiles

The introduction of tiles
Tiles and floor tiles are particularly important in the house decoration, because the ground cannot be separated from them. As for the thickness, it seems no one cares about now explore this issue, because the manufacturers have defined the standard. The greater of the General Specifications, the thicker the ceramic floor tile is, such as: 600 * 600mm, the thickness of 800 * 800mm is 10, 12 mm, and thickness of 300 * 300mm is only 6, 8 mm.

The features of floor tiles
Tiles and floor tiles a ceramic or stone construction or decoration materials by the process of the formation of a refractory metal oxide and semi-metal oxides, acid through grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, sintering, and tile history should be traced back to 4000 BC At that time, the Egyptians have begun to use tiles to decorate various types of housing. 

Development trends of the ceramic tile
From the birth of the tile to variety of ceramic tile today, and its development is also very fast. Now it is riding on a low-carbon environmental protection Express. A lot of businesses are in name of the new ultra-thin tiles slogan in the recommended promotion, and the thickness of ceramic tile is reduced, and builds a great deal of development, which can reduce the quality of the house, reducing the bearer efforts architectural design, thereby reducing the cost of the supplies. While for the development trend in the future, it will be absolutely thinner and thinner, such as crystal porcelain tile .

Main features
No matter what the tile is, we must do well in the quality of surface smoothness, flatness, including exchange rate, crash force, otherwise, it is a failure. Technology needs innovation, so we have to consider the production process when selecting thin tiles. The high hardness, resistance to wear, low water absorption and excellent performance can fully demonstrate the concept of energy saving and environmental protection. At the same time, we have to meet the master laying to live with plastic hammer the intensity of impact resistance and normal life, the effect of gravity. has the best tiles need good skills, and it will not forget the professional skill in mastering the job to develop more advanced technology in the tile industry.