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Tips For Tile Flooring Care And Maintenance


It is a fact that we cannot keep any type of floor away from dirt and that it needs correct and extensive way of maintenance. The same applies to tile flooring as well. However, you can reduce the cleaning work load by following some of the tips. This will save your time and energy.

Tile flooring has become popular and is used widely by home owners since ages. The uniqueness of tiles is that it needs less maintenance as well as its appearance is beautiful. Though we have regular cleaning up sessions, over a period of time some dirt, grease or grime makes the tile loosen its shine and the grout.

Many of us are under the wrong impression that moping is enough to keep our floor clean. Whereas the truth is you need some specialized equipments for tile and grout cleaning that takes the dirt out of the absorbent stone through high pressure and hot water suction. However, this can also make the tiles less lustrous over time.

Thus it is necessary to use the correct way to keep the floors shine long lasting. So, here are some tips which will help you in maintaining and taking care of your floor.

Grout care:
The Grout is a mortar used to fill the joints between the individual tiles; which is a lasting and essential part of the floor. The grout can blemish if the grout sealant is improper or it just fades away over a period of time. So, you need to clean the grout regularly with a daily concentrated household or commercial cleaner on periodic basis to remove any surface build up. After which you can use the specialized tile grout cleaner which is strong enough to remove soap, grease, oil, mildew stains and so on; in-between the two grout tiles.

Routine Maintenance:
By cleaning your tiles floors often, will make them last longer as well as look good. It will keep your floor away from dirt, stains and grime by mopping or vacuuming them on weekly basis. It will also keep your home environment healthy and by keeping your home free from mold, mildew and bacteria, giving you fresh and clean air within your house.
Make sure that you are using the right tile and grout cleaning products. Never use a detergent or soap as it may dull the surface and can promote the growth of irritants. As well as it can be hazardous to your health. Also make a note that you dont use cleaners that contains acids chlorines or ammonia as these can tarnish and damage the grout unglazed products.

Protecting your Ceramic Floor:
Ensure that you use felt or similar pads to cover the legs of any metallic, wooden or plastic furniture which will save your ceramic floor from unwanted scratches. Try to use good quality of mats at the entrance to avoid collecting of dirt, mug, grit or things that might tracked onto your flooring. Also use good mats for the places like kitchen sink and stove to avoid stains and spills.