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Trip to Italy, Creating Value for Customers


A photography trip to Italian, which was held by Dongpeng for customers in April, came to a perfect ending. 50 customers of Dongpeng spent 7 days in this photographic journey in that beautiful country and they all said that this was an unforgettable journey. “It is a very thoughtful arrangement and we travel around Italy in 7 days. Italy is a really amazing city,” said a customer from Beijing.

Year-end Bargain-Hunting, Lucky Consumers to Italy
At the end of 2012, Dongpeng, a professional ceramic tile flooring company, held the year-end bargain hunting activity and selected 50 lucky persons from all customers all round China to join the Italian photographic journey. They visited Italy to feel beauty, experience culture, taste food and enjoy life there with renowned designers. This event got much consumer and the media attention.

Grand Italian Photographic Journey
On April 11, 2013, 50 Dongpeng consumers and designers flied to Italy from Guangzhou and Beijing, respectively. They visited Venice, Vicenza, Milan, Florence and Rome in 7 days, which was a wonderful trip. “I am so happy to be one of the lucky dogs and I feel so excited,” said a consumer from Guangzhou.

The first stop of the journey was Venice, the Water City. Everyone was full of excitement despite coldness of the night and jet lag. The starry sky became the first impression of our group.

Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance, which has a long history of arts, science and technology. It owns 47 World Heritage Sites and ranks first in the world. In Italy, you can enjoy the romantic Venice River, experience the luxury Vicenza jewelry, visit the magnificent fashion town Milan and walk though centuried Florence, experience the grandeur of the Colosseum and enjoy the artist's Square in Rome. You can feel a different kind of beauty in the world in Italy.

ceramic floor tile

Create Value for Customers, Zero Distance Communication with Customers
50 consumers flied back to China and arrived at Guangzhou Airport on April 11th. They enjoyed the trip and shared excitement and joy with each other.

It is quite popular nowadays to promote brand and enterprise through travel opportunities for consumers. Woord grain porcelain tile enterprises make feedback to customers with mental reward instead of material reward. They always choose those places which can represent their enterprise culture. The beauty of Italy echoes with the beauty of Dongpeng and this journey has impressed the consumer deeply.