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Unglazed Porcelain Tiles Buying Guide


Unglazed porcelain tile commonly features a matte finish, which indicates it looks like all-natural clay or stone than glazed tile. Moreover, the tile's color is identical for the color of the clay. All color variations frequently observed in unglazed tiles are generated by mixing distinctive colored clays or by painting several colored minerals on the clay just before firing.

The most common unglazed floor tiles are quarry and unglazed porcelain. Probably the most widely-accepted color for quarry tile is red, followed by numerous earth tones.

Frequent Uses - Unglazed porcelain and quarry tiles are often frost-proof and offer you superior slip resistance, which let them become traditional favorites for high-traffic places and outdoor settings, such as patios and porches.

Sturdiness - Most unglazed tiles offer you exceptional durability. Besides that, most are frost-proof and extremely stain resistant. An exception is Saltillo tiles.

Water Absorption - Quarry tile typically has very low water absorption rate, which makes it applicable for outside use and for wet rooms, including bathrooms. Unglazed porcelain tile normally has very reduced absorption rates, making it proper for all uses.

Maintenance - Normally, unglazed porcelain and quarry tiles are less difficult to clean and retain if observe manufacturer's tips.

Cost - While quarry tile is commonly offered at an entry-level selling price, it comes within a limited array of sizes and colors. Unglazed porcelains ordinarily command more charges, but also give a greater variety of textures, sizes and colors. Large-sized unglazed porcelain tile (12"-square and up) has become far more popular every year, when quarry tile has become much less popular.

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