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Wall Ceramic Tile Industry Status


Chinese Ceramic Tiles Market is Bleak
Industry insiders estimate that the growth in the production of building ceramic tiles in China in 2012 is less than 5%, the basic situation of the first half is just so. But this year is still like that? This moment it has entered the fourth quarter, it should be said that the outlook remains uncertain. An increase of 5% from the overall feel of the industry of this year breakthrough is almost unlikely to be and the key is whether the consolidated full year is negative growth, if not negative growth, we may say that the early prediction is basically accurate. Industry data for the first half of 2012 is not only the overall deviate significantly from previous years, but the local also showed many differences. I am most impressed in the first half of 2012, 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and 11 provinces ceramic floor tile production has negative growth, and continued throughout the 2011 year as a whole pattern, of which the biggest is the Shanxi Province, -39.96% growth in 2011, and it continued to decline, and an increase of -43.4%, while in 2010, only three provinces of Shandong, Chongqing and Hunan appear negative growth, the sharpest is Shandong, which is -6.84%.

Chinese Ceramic Floor Tile Regional Differences
The reality is that the momentum of the continuing decline of the local province of the national production of ceramic tile flooring is still growing. Another data is obviously not the same as in previous years, Fujian Province has an increase of 21%, the output reached 1.084 billion square meters; Guangdong growth is -13.4%, a yield of 8.95 m2, Fujian exceed and becomes China's largest ceramic tile production province instead of Guangdong. This year or this pattern means the pattern of building ceramics industry in China has been completely subvert. From the point of view of the overall product variety, it seems that the situation of wall ceramic tile products here are good.

China Ceramic Tile Industry Outlook
Seen from the ceramic tile products brand positioning, in the current situation, it seems there is a feeling of better feeling at the both ends and intermediate pressure in the middle, that is, the brand of high-end ceramic enterprises are facing less pressure, on the one hand, the well-known brand product profitability space is sufficient to support the current sales decline of pressure, on the other hand branded product itself does not rely on production to win, most of the low-end products such as the well-known brands as the main market to rural and remote areas, and the purchase of real estate has no effect, while the new rural construction and expansion of urbanization are in rigid demand.